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Kuncho is a start up company that runs through a continuous thinking & creating process.
 Observe - think - Create
is a nonstop cyclical process that governs Kuncho on a daily basis. It is indeed a story of young and ambitious Ethiopian and French architects unleashed to the world with unrestricted imagination and desire to influence societies' definition of lifestyle for the better !
Our works range from designing & producing smarter products for variety of lifestyles to different scales of architectural design & construction.


Natnael Yohannes


Chief Executive Officer,


Born in Gondar, Ethiopia, Natnael is a 26 year old architect. He is one of the initial founders of Kuncho. He is the one who made Kuncho what it is now. After graduation the team had to disband but Natnael always kept faith and stayed ambitious about Kuncho's future. Always looking farther, staying open minded and seeking revolutionnary ideas, Natnael Yohannes is determined to gather and work with a multidesign team in the future.



Creative director


Born in Gondar, Ethiopia, Kidus is one year younger than his brother Natnael. As brothers they have always been a strong and creative team. In complementarity, Kidus is the designer who gives form and sense to the ideas. He is sensitive to details and context. More than an architect, Kidus is interested in practicing every type of design. From the beginning of Kuncho Kidus is, with Natnael, a faithful member who never stopped believing in Kuncho. 


Born in Landerneau, France, Clémentine is a french student who got her architecture license in Nantes, and is now taking her masters. She met the team during her exchange in Addis Ababa and decided to stay and work with Kuncho. Clémentine is part of the team and very ambitious about getting Kuncho an international  firm. Actually working from France, she takes care of the communication and  commercial aspect of  products in France.

Masters in Architecture,

Communication and accounting manager

Born in Assela, Ethiopia, Dave  graduated in architecture from EIABC in Addis Ababa. He  was in the same batch as Kidus. After graduation Dawit was very motivated to be part of the team. He is a dedicated person and very curious about the world, and is also interested in contemporary developments.



Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Nantes, France

Email: kunchodesign@gmail.com 

Phone numbers

Ethiopia : +251 967 99 53 84

                 +251 967 99 54 02

                 +251 962 09 10 01

    France :  +33 680 76 22 10