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HIBR Pavilion


Client : Addis Ababa municipality
Architects : Kuncho
Location : Ghion Hotel - then AA municipality, ETHIOPIA

Program : HIBR festival outdoor pavilion
Area : 28 m²
Construction cost : 326 000 birr
Year : 2019

Status : Built
Photos : Kuncho

Video : Isaac Midekssa


Kuncho was commissioned to design & construct a structure that represents all the nation & nationalities of Ethiopia on the “Hibir Ethiopia” concert that took place on December 6, 2018, at the beautiful grounds of Ghion Hotel. The project took 4 days & 4 nights of blood & sweat to realize.

Ethiopia known for her ethnic diversity, coming up with a design that best represents all nations & nationalities without leaving any room for ethnic misinterpretations & contradictions was a challenging exercise. Therefore, a simple & Metaphorical symbolism had to be applied in the design process. As triangle & dome are regarded as the most structurally stable geometric shape & form respectively, 80 + equal & similar but at the same time peculiar & different triangles in the representation of Ethiopia's equal & diverse 80+ nations & nationalities that come in cohesion to create a massive Geodesic Dome structure, symbolizing Ethiopia.

Every triangle had key role to play on the stability & realization of the dome, as is in reality that every nation's wellness & stability adds up to create a much more stable Ethiopia. Each triangle's strong connection to its adjacent triangles is what contributes to the total strength of the dome, as is in realty a nation's cohesive & unifying relationship to its neighboring nations is what creates a peaceful & stronger Ethiopia.

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