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Simien Lodge



Client : Simien Lodge
Architect : Clementine Gerard & Natnael Yohannes
Location : Simien Mountain Natural Park, ETHIOPIA

Program : reception, bar, restaurant, cinema, 28 bedrooms and bathrooms
Area : 1 100 m²
Construction cost : 10 000 000 birr
Year : 2020

Status : Built
Photos : Kuncho


Perched at 3260m, high up on the escarpment of the Simien Mountains National Park, sits the highest hotel in Africa. Beyond mere altitude, Simien Lodge is unique in every aspect. It occupies a singular location in the heartlands of the Simien Mountain Range, affording breathtaking views of the stunning landscapes. What makes the Lodge truly unique is its place at the heart of the local community. It’s a central part of the local economy, providing income for a significant part of the local population.


Kuncho refurbished the lodge during summer 2020. It was built in 2005 ; the interior design was old and cold. Working with ethiopian wood, bamboo, local craftmen, artists and artisans, Kuncho team gave a warm new breath to the lodge. 

Documentary simien


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