Furnitures renderings



Fana Set ups

Three TV set ups design for FBC

What are the shows?


means "Going Around", it is a show about professionals from every working type to talk about their knowledge.


means "Generation's Talk", the show is about conversations and arguments about different topics between two generations.


is a 3 hours entertainment show on Sunday to which they bring and also visit people or places to have bring entertaining events.

To design TV setups... an interesting challenge for young architects. Fana Broadcasting Corporates decided to refresh its shows' backgrounds at the end of the year 2017. Kuncho jumped on the oportunity and proposed three different movable designs for three shows using the same circle stage. 

Once the design was approved, we started to meet workers to work with. The studio is based in Addis Ababa which made it easier to get materials and workers. During the building part from april to september, the client FBC asked us to also design the furnitures for the different stages and they modified one stage. Actually, Fana Kelemat was suppose to be Medrek when we started. So we had to design a new setup using the same metal structures that were already built. What a challenge... 

We have to say here that renderings never are like the real life deliver. Like every architecture project, details are modified for some reasons during the build up.