Kin Liboch

For Fitsum Asfaw, By Kuncho studio

Who is Fitsum Asfaw ?

Fitsum is a young and famous journalist, writer, actor and movie director in Ethiopia. He is the creator of the TV show Yemaleda Kokeboch, which means "Morning Stars". But we will talk about this later...

What is Kin Liboch ?

In amharic Kin Liboch means "Good Hearts". It is an itinerant TV show that happens during holidays and broadcasted on Fana Broadcast Corporates FBC. During the show, people in the street are unconsciously exposed to defined situations acted by actors. Responding to this situation, if someone does a good deed this person will be awared.

Once the design accepted thanks to the renderings (1st picture), Fitsum gave us one week to build it with a small budget. Indeed we have done the best we could to match the real life deliver with the virtual model and renderings.

This design is the first built project for Kuncho. It is more a sentimental than a pride one. We all learnt from our mistakes and this first real life project has been a very interesting first step.