Working session - Second part of Fana studio design


Stage design for talent show

What is Yemaleda Kokeboch ?​

In english it means "Morning Star", indeed the show is about ethiopians talents. It is created by Fitsum Asfaw (presented in the Kin Liboch page). This show is also broadcasted on Fana TV, and the stage is built in the same studio as the previous three other stages. 

Yemaleda Kokeboch will be a nine seasons show. To be different for each season we have been asked to design an adaptable setup. We actually designed a background composed by 11 boxes; 6 with four different faces and 5 with two different faces. This design allows Fitsum to make as many combinations as he wants. To be possible we put on every 59x59cm box 4 wheels. 

The combination of textures, colours and shapes make a very complex background. Even the ceiling is thought to extend the design. Indeed we had to insulate the whole studio, for that we kept the existing system of 59x59 false ceiling structure. Then we insulated fixing sponge and fabric on each square. For inside acoustic issues we used 2cm thick and 4 cm thick sponge.